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The Laureate Launch

Any takers at MGS? What a great idea!

Melbourne High School Library

The Melbourne High School student literary publication, Laureate, has been revived after a ten year hiatus. English teacher, Sam Bryant, has been instrumental in this revival. Melbourne High School celebrates worthy events in style, and thanks to Sam and his colleagues, the Laureate Launch was a successful event which included assistant principal, Dr Janet Prideaux, staff, students, parents and the guest speaker, Judith Rodriguez, renowned Australian poet, author and educator. Since the publication comprised of student writing from 2012, we were pleased to welcome back past students to receive their congratulations and a copy of Laureate.

Here is Sam Bryant’s speech delivered on the day (26 June 2013):

Special guest Judith Rodriguez, parents, students and staff,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you here to this special occasion, the launch of the 2012 Laureate. On behalf of the Melbourne High English Department, I…

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Year 9 Art project on paper, iPad and Pinterest

I love this post from Tania Sheko at Melbourne Grammar about the power of collaboration between classroom teachers and teacher-librarians.

Brave new world


Our year 9s have been working through a project in art which combines the best in hands-on activity, iPad technology and social media. Mihaela designed a project in which students worked through a process starting with research of patterns from different cultural backgrounds and culminating in the students designing their own patterns using the iPad app, iOrnament, and creating an oversized paper plane decorated with their pattern designs.

The research process encouraged students to dip into a rich and diverse cultural store of patterns before deciding on the designs of their own, and including some of the elements of water, fire, earth, air and wood. They were to select one or more of these elements to fuse with the theme of rejuvenation of the spirit and sense of self.

I relish my partnership…

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12 Most Picture Perfect Ways To Ensure You’re Legally Using Online Photos

Using pictures, video or music on your Tumblr, blog, YouTube channel, or school work?

Have a look at this great blog post on using other peoples’ work ethically AND legally.

12 Most Picture Perfect Ways To Ensure You’re Legally Using Online Photos

New trailer added – Run


Run by Tim Sinclair added to Book Trailers

New trailer added – Light by Michael Grant (Gone series)

New trailer added – Light by Michael Grant (Gone series)

The power of words!

The Library Staff in both the GFL and FAL are passionate in their belief about the value of reading!

Without a doubt, reading has a positive impact on our ability to write.

The more you read ….. The more you will be able to write!

Reading feeds into our ability to learn how to arrange words in sentences to more clearly express what we are thinking. If you doubt that – stop and look at this short video.

Pick up a book today and read ….. read ….. and read some more!!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day



Winners of the GFL 2013 Valentine’s Day competitions

  Congratulations to Caitlin Rodrigues for writing the winning Valentine’s Day  poem, and to Eric Cai for winning the ‘Match the teacher with their favourite romantic character in a book’ competition. Both winners receive a Village Movie pass. Caitlin’s poem definitely made the judges smile.  We hope that you enjoy it too.


     Your cold, steel stare draws me in                                                            Valentine's day poetry winner2

    Your frosty heart, so hard to win.

   Loved by many, truly known by few,

    Eternal happiness starts and ends with you.


     We’ve known each other for many long years,

     you’ve seen me grow; my dreams, my fears.

     You’re always there for me, always around.

    When I confide in you, you listen, not making a sound.


      I may grow impatient with you, but always know,

      when I need to feel better, there’s nowhere else I would go.

      At the end of the day when I return home,

      seeing you waiting for me, means that I’m never alone.

      You never fail to keep me company all night,

      awestruck by your beauty, which always shine bright.


    Your beautiful curved body, your white porcelain skin,

   Only serves to hide the true beauty within.

   For when I approach you, my love, and open the door,

   I’m greeted by treasures I truly adore.

   Fridge, I love you.  Fridge, can’t you see?

   The best things in life ….are made by LG.


Thank you to all competition entrants, including runners up Fred Lu and Athan Aridas. 

Why read?!


Are Librarians Still Important? |

See on Scoop.itReading and Books – ‘Stolen’ Scoops!

In a word, yes. In fact, they may be an administrator’s most underutilized resource. Learn how schools are freeing them up to help students, faculty, and principals find the information they need.

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Shortlist for the Melbourne Prize for Literature

We have quite a few of these in the library. Just ask!

Melbourne High School Library

The shortlist for the Melbourne Prize for Literature is out as well as the Best Writing.

The Melbourne Prize for Literature

The Best Writing Award



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