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Meet Jack Andraka: a teenage whizz kid!

TED talks aim to give us all access to world class presenters.   Being selected to present at TED is therefore quite a prestigious honour!

As second semester gets underway, take a few minutes to be inspired by this young teenager who has pursed his passionate interest to find a way of detecting pancreatic cancer in its early stages – before it’s too late to find a cure.

Jake Andraka’s passion and persistence really is very inspiring!


Help support a great cause and along the way be inspired!

Adam Garone, a Melbourne man, discovered that by taking a creative idea and injecting it with passion, persistence and a lot of patience an inspirational movement can be borne.   Listen to his story and be inspired.

Back the Mentone Grammar Movember Team by donating online or look for a donation box in a staff room near you and the Movember Team will arrange a receipt.