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Safer Internet Day 2015

Today is Safer Internet Day, so it’s a good time to think about how we can better ‘stay safe online.’

Some of the ideas mentioned in an article in INCITE, the journal of the Australian Library and Information Association “Helping your community stay smart online” (INCITE, Volume 35, Issue 5 pages 12-13) mentions many valuable tips:

  • internet browsers store information about passwords used and pages visited
  • turn off the users’ option ‘save username and password’ to avoid accidental saving
  • delete browsing history before logging out of a public computer
  • avoid entering personal information or completing financial transactions online
  • log off, even if leaving the computer for just a short time
  • lock devices with passwords
  • use strong passwords which are not easily identifiable
  • don’t store passwords on devices
  • change passwords often to avoid hacking
  • download apps only from reputable publishers
  • take care allowing apps to use personal information including location
  • avoid using public Wi-Fi for online banking or shopping

Safer Internet Day is about making our world a safer place.  Be aware and share what you know!

Let’s create a better internet together!

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Stay safe online!

Being safe on the Internet is VERY important for us all!

This AWESOME site is a great place to get help about safety issues.  If you are having a hard time in any way, you can quickly and easily tell someone, report your concern or learn more about staying safe online.


Keep it tame!

Safer Internet Day is celebrated worldwide on Tuesday 5th February this year.   It’s a day for all of us to focus on the need to use the Internet with care and consideration.

Respect each other online

“You can use phones, tablets and computers to do awesome stuff. But things can turn nasty if you use them to disrespect each other. Treat each other with respect and Keep It Tame.”

Check out the website:

Keep It Tame