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Welcome to 2015!!

It’s the start of a new year – so come and enjoy all that is on offer in our senior and junior school libraries. Stop by to grab a good read, get some pointers on how to locate info you need or just to say hello!  Our dedicated Library Staff will be only too happy to assist you!

As a great kick off to the year, enjoy this fabulous clip made by well published author George Ivanoff who, we are proud to say, is an Old Mentonian!  If you haven’t read one of his books yet, this video, made to promote his participation in the Somerset Celebration of Literature being held on the Gold Coast in March, is sure to inspire you!!


Why read?

No two people read the same book!

Made as an ad by Duncan Macleod for the New Zealand Book Council, I find this to be a really powerful way to drive home the point that no two people read the same book!

No two people read the same book


The power of words!

The Library Staff in both the GFL and FAL are passionate in their belief about the value of reading!

Without a doubt, reading has a positive impact on our ability to write.

The more you read ….. The more you will be able to write!

Reading feeds into our ability to learn how to arrange words in sentences to more clearly express what we are thinking. If you doubt that – stop and look at this short video.

Pick up a book today and read ….. read ….. and read some more!!

Fighting in the library is NOT ALLOWED!!!

We think this video is so hilarious, we wanted to share it with you!

But don’t get us wrong!   We are NOT encouraging anyone to start a fight in either the FAL or the GFL!!!

Book People Unite!

If you’re a Book Person – tell the world!

Promoted by RIF (Reading is Fundamental) and Library of Congress, the Book People Unite website tells us what we already know:  Books open new worlds and unlock new doors…..   Declare your belief in the transformative power of books by encouraging friends to join the movement!

Tell everyone you know to read, read, and read some more!

What’s this year all about?

How the English Language developed

Ever wondered about the origin of words or how the English Language developed and grew to what it is today?  Well – discover all kinds of interesting facts in this video: The History of English – in 10 minutes! Very enjoyable – and informative!