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Last GFL competition for the Year 12 students

AnimaliaEach year the GFL runs one last competition just for the Year 12 students in the week before they leave us. Given a page from Graeme Base’s picture book Animalia, the challenge is to find as many words starting with the letter on that page as possible.  This year’s winners, Jemma Ford and Georgia Hopkins, found 120.

Congratulations to them and a big thank you to the other competitors, for without them, there is no competition.


Animalia Competition in the GFL

There’s no better way – we have discovered – to silence students in the library than to have them involved in a competition!

Involved is probably not the word though that best described lunchtime yesterday as pairs of Year 12 students concentrated beyond belief on the task at hand.  Now in its second year, this fun competition, offered to Year 12 entrants only, has become a hot favourite.   Locating all the P words in Graeme Base’s book Animalia evoked faces etched with deep concentration as competitors vied for the winners’ prize – 2 movie passes!

The winning entry by Andrea Nelson & Tasmin Oswald, pictured here, identified 124 different words starting with the letter P.

Well done to them and a big thanks to all the other skilful participants who made the event so competitive!!

Happy winners

Off to the movies we go!