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Gearing up for the end of the year

Whether you’re in Year 12 and about to finish, or in Year 7 heading for your last few assessments of 2014, anyone can get a case of ‘study block’.

This clip has some great tips to get you moving forward again.

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A competition worth entering!

Check out details of this competition which is open to VCE students enrolled in EL Units 3 & 4.   Closing date: Friday 29th August.

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Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2013!

Results are in, summer jobs well under way, and options for 2014 are being considered.

The graduating class was asked about what it is about the school that helped them to achieve so highly.

In particular I’d like to highlight the following statements:

  • “After school study sessions, and having a study group to help keep each other focused.”
  • “The library! Thanks Mrs F!!”
  • “Provision of a great working environment. Access to tutors really helped with this.”

The library staff work hard to provide a quiet, effective and useful learning environment for ALL our students. It’s wonderful to see the students taking advantage of the opportunities that the library and the school provides for them.

Well done, Class of 2013. You have been a pleasure to have in the library from Day One. All of us wish you a bright and successful future – wherever you may be.


Mrs F – Head of Libraries.

PS. Blue steel, George 😀

That’s why Carbon is a Tramp

Check out the Vlogbrothers CRASH COURSE channel on YouTube.

Here is Hank Green’s explanation of Carbon.


What Can Your Local Library Offer You?

This is a great little video from students at Braybrook College letting you know what you local library can do for you!

Thanks to Merspi’s YouTube channel for the link.