Celebrating Valentine’s Day



Winners of the GFL 2013 Valentine’s Day competitions

  Congratulations to Caitlin Rodrigues for writing the winning Valentine’s Day  poem, and to Eric Cai for winning the ‘Match the teacher with their favourite romantic character in a book’ competition. Both winners receive a Village Movie pass. Caitlin’s poem definitely made the judges smile.  We hope that you enjoy it too.


     Your cold, steel stare draws me in                                                            Valentine's day poetry winner2

    Your frosty heart, so hard to win.

   Loved by many, truly known by few,

    Eternal happiness starts and ends with you.


     We’ve known each other for many long years,

     you’ve seen me grow; my dreams, my fears.

     You’re always there for me, always around.

    When I confide in you, you listen, not making a sound.


      I may grow impatient with you, but always know,

      when I need to feel better, there’s nowhere else I would go.

      At the end of the day when I return home,

      seeing you waiting for me, means that I’m never alone.

      You never fail to keep me company all night,

      awestruck by your beauty, which always shine bright.


    Your beautiful curved body, your white porcelain skin,

   Only serves to hide the true beauty within.

   For when I approach you, my love, and open the door,

   I’m greeted by treasures I truly adore.

   Fridge, I love you.  Fridge, can’t you see?

   The best things in life ….are made by LG.


Thank you to all competition entrants, including runners up Fred Lu and Athan Aridas. 


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