Gearing up for the end of the year

Whether you’re in Year 12 and about to finish, or in Year 7 heading for your last few assessments of 2014, anyone can get a case of ‘study block’.

This clip has some great tips to get you moving forward again.

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Recess @MHS: a choreographed piece – An MG response


Based on this post from Tania Sheko at Melbourne High Library I had a go at using Hyperlapse myself. Here are the resulting videos.

First attempt

Second attempt

Originally posted on Melbourne High School Library:

We’re pretty busy at recess – as well as before school and during lunchtime. I used Instagram’s new app, Hyperlapse, to film a section of the library during recess. This was hand held – for 21 minutes.

Recess Melbourne High School Library from Tania Sheko on Vimeo.

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Inky Awards: Vote Now | Inside A Dog

Gold Inky

Inky Awards: Vote Now | Inside A Dog.

The Inkys voting is on again!

You don’t have to have read all the books to vote – although reading the blurbs might be a good place to start. :D

You can find a list of the Shortlisted Gold (Australian) Inky and Shortlisted Silver (International) Inky books by going to the catalogue and looking for the Resource Lists.



A competition worth entering!

Check out details of this competition which is open to VCE students enrolled in EL Units 3 & 4.   Closing date: Friday 29th August.

Michael Clyne VATE promo banner '14

Book Week Activity with English classes

During the last two weeks we have run an activity with our Year 9 and 10 English classes where the students get together in pairs to read each of the books in either the Early Childhood and Picture Book of the Year categories.

Here are some of their responses to the books:

The book I liked best was Kissed By The Moon. I liked it because it had very interesting illustrations and the reflected the words on the page to a good standard. A nice read all ’round. A peaceful story with a happy ending. I like happy endings.

The book I liked best was King Pig. I liked it because it was about greediness and that will always be a huge problem.

The book I liked best was Granny Grommet and Me. I liked it because it had great illustrations and a fun storyline with descriptive words.

The book I liked best was The Swap. I liked it because it made sense and it wasn’t repetitive. The crocodiles were funny.

The book I liked best was Rules of Summer. I liked it because it had very nice and detailed illustrations to impart the story, and with enough text to explain the entire story.

The book I liked best was Banjo and Ruby Red. I liked it because it led me through a series of emotions and left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

The book I liked best was The Treasure Box. I liked it because it showed that no matter what you do or don’t have you can be happy with it, and love it and what it means to you.

The book I liked best was Silver Buttons. I liked it because the whole book is set within a time space of one minute, however you don’t realise this until the end, making the child’s first step seem insignificant.

The book I liked best was Parachute. I liked it because it demonstrated the change in grown yup. When he was young everything was exaggerated, until he grew older and then he towered over the elephant.

The book I liked best was Baby Bedtime. I liked it because it was really cute and it had good colours and storyline, The words were interesting and it had a lot of meaning in it.

The book I liked best was I’m a Dirty Dinosaur. I liked it because it flowed really well, it was fun to read and the illustrations were really unique.

The book I liked best was The Windy Farm.  I liked it because it is about hardships and forgiveness, and the book’s ending is enjoyable.



The students had three minutes to read each book, discuss it and then score it out of 10. Then, once six books had been read, the students had to pick their favourite title and write down why. We used an idea from the Ipswich Teacher-Librarian network Book Week activity book, and the booklets were designed by our Junior Teacher-Librarian, Mrs Ross.

The winner of the Early Childhood Category was Banjo and Ruby Red, with The Snap and Granny Grommet and Me as Honour books

The winner of the Picture Book Category was Rules of Summer, with The Windy Farm, King Pig, and The Treasure Box as Honour books.

This activity was heaps of fun for the students and teachers, and we recommend it to teachers to use with all age groups.

Speed Book Dating – Book Week Fun!

There’s nothing better than sharing a love of reading and when that sharing happens right in the middle of our senior school library, excitement and passion tends to get a bit contagious!

Ten teachers battled it out during our 2014 Book Week Celebrations in our first ever Speed Book Dating event. Teachers had to convince – in just one minute – why other teachers should borrow their book.    Once the teachers discovered how short a minute really is, it was awesome to witness the passionate presentation of some very convincing reasons!!

Congratulations to Mr Stockdale for his win in convincing a majority of competitors that they must read his chosen book: Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. Thanks to all teachers who participated in this lunchtime event.


#staff battling it out


Trivia Competition – Book Week Fun!

While some of the questions were dead easy – ‘Who wrote the Fault in our Stars?’  you had to be a seasoned trivia contestant to know the answer to some harder questions such as ‘How much of Australia is classified as desert?’

With six enthusiastic teams battling it, including one team which was defending its two year winning title, it was a close finish!   The winning team though looks suitably pleased.  They each received a movie voucher!

Book Week Trivia 2014 009

George Ivanoff Studio 3 guest appearance

Faithful followers of this blog and the goings-on in the GFL will know the name “George Ivanoff”. George was our National Year of Reading Patron in 2012, has worked with Year 9 and 10 in Writing Workshops, and often comes to school to hangout at the MGRA Meet-Ups organised by Mrs Novak.

George has his own blog here, which is where we found the link to this hilarious clip.

George was recently a guest in Studio 3, and here is a clip of him being interviewed by Liv and James. Enjoy!

George Ivanoff pie shot


And if you’d like to see George sans pies, you can watch a much more sedate version of the interview here.

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You don’t need Google Maps for this!

Albert Einstein quote - location of library

Flooby Nooby: The Cinematography of “The Incredibles” Part 1

This is PURE GOLD.

If you are interested in the art of animation, film and composition, this post is worth a read!

Flooby Nooby: The Cinematography of “The Incredibles” Part 1.


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