Poetry and Prose Showcase

Congratulations must go to the group of Mentone Grammar student writers who gave up a beautiful Saturday morning to hone their craft.

Mentone Library – a lovely little community spot in Florence Street – invited our students to share an original piece of work after they were stunned by the poetic skills of our own Oscar O’NeillPugh of Year 11 who joined them for a poetry morning earlier this year.  Oscar set the challenge, and many others students from the school lined up to read their own pieces and receive feedback from children’s author Dr. Virginia Lowe.

Greenways was well represented. Tessa Petrie was a real stand out as she gave a stunning performance of a spoken word poem without notes. She followed this up with yet another original poem.  Caitlin Shepherd read a section of one of her novels, and Dr. Lowe remarked how exceptional it was that she captured the voice of a child character so well.  Dr. Lowe says this is difficult even for adult writers.  Louise Solomonides also read a section of a novel she is writing, and Dr. Lowe remarked that Louise’s working process – where she writes short and intriguing scenes as she thinks of them and then collates them into a wider story – is how many author’s work.  Louise’s extract, about ‘storytellers’ was beautiful, as was the poem she offered the audience as well.  Robert McIntyre made all of our spines chill with his science fiction story – a finely crafted example of this genre.  And finally Gail D’Souza showed her wonderful ability to look at life with fresh eyes, reading aloud from her memoir.  I enjoyed the “laugh out loud” moments Gail presented.

Dr. Lowe was most impressed with our students and has offered to remain in contact with them.

It was a wonderful morning, and I was so proud of all of our student writers. It is a difficult thing to read your own work in front of an audience and to invite them to give feedback.  Each of the students rose to the challenge and wowed the audience.

Ms Lauren Cook

Robert McIntyre

Robert McIntyre

Louise Solomonides

Louise Solomonides

Gail D'Souza

Gail D’Souza


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