Rapid Change by Oscar O’Neill Pugh

Oscar O’Neill Pugh, one of our Mentone Grammar Reading Ambassadors (MGRAs) had the honour of reading his original poem “Rapid Change” at the recent Bayside Poetry Group Showcase which was held on May 4th at Mentone Public Library.

Oscar has given us permission to publish his poem here:

Rapid Change by Oscar O’Neill Pugh

It was without a doubt
That I would be forgotten, left behind
Although I did not really pout
As I really didn’t mind

It was clear that I didn’t belong
Despite having no friends, I still came along
Surrounded by sports fans and athletes
Was the weird kid, his sports a little offbeat

He wasn’t built with muscle or strong like a tank
He was pretty damn lanky to be perfectly frank
Although on this rigorous trip
He had uttered no strife
As it was the adventure that made his heart skip
and filled him with life

Although as he perched there, alone
On a green grassy hill top
Watching the fast flowing rapids
That only time could ever stop
He was filled with happiness that had no loose ends
Because despite being different, I had managed to make friends

Congratulations Oscar!


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