The Great Book Swap at MGS!

How better to put a focus on International Literacy Day, which is celebrated annually worldwide on September 8th, than to have a book swap!

The Great Book Swap, promoted by The Indigenous Literacy Foundation, is a national fundraiser for the purchase and supply of books and other culturally appropriate material to remote communities throughout Australia.

As a way of celebrating literature and concurrently raising funds for Indigenous Australians, the GFL Library Staff invited Year 7 students to join with them in this event.  Asked to bring a book which they had really enjoyed so that they could swap it with another, some really great reads started to flow into the display set up in the GFL.

On the day, in between some very serious book browsing among the book laden tables, it was great to hear the flow of enthusiastic conversation: “That’s mine!” “Ohhh… this is a great book” “I want this one!” “Quick – I want that one!”

With more than 80 books brought in for this event and $196.20 raised, Year 7’s deserve a real pat on the back.   Thanks also to the Year 7 Mentors, English Teachers and all Library Staff for their support.


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