J.C. (Jane, Janine) Burke

JC Burke spoke eloquently about how she creates her work – starting points, journals, planning, highlights and lowlights for her characters, and for the story.
Pig Boy – Damon Styles. A big ‘gamer’, gets a job with a pig-shooter, so JC got her shooter’s licence, went out with a pig-shooter and learned how to gut a pig.
Tom Brennan – In the first draft Tom doesn’t know that Brendan is gay until right until the end. Tom1 – how would he react? How about Tom2, at the end of the story? The goalposts moved. The accident changes how Tom looks at the world.
Editor helped to change the structure.
Ed wanted to cut Matt. JC had to change the way his character behaved, but still kept him, because to speak to Matt physically hurts Tom.
The year 9 boys were very engaged and poured over JC’s notes and photos. A great guest speaker!



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