National Simultaneous Storytime at the GFL

The sight of about 30 three year olds filing in the big entry doors of the Gregory Fish Library on our senior campus was a sight to behold.   At exactly 11.00am on May 25th these cute little ones joined thousands of other young children at hundreds of locations across Australia to listen  to a reading of Rod Clement’s “Feathers for Phoebe”.   The National Simultaneous Storytime, a fun and rewarding event which promotes reading and literacy for young people, is a much anticipated annual event on the school library calendar.  The novelty for children in our Early Learning Centre visiting our senior campus library was a very special outing.  Watching the faces of these little ones as they listened to the story being read by our Head of Library, Miffy Farquharson, was enough to melt your heart.  Equipped with the warmth of a good story in their hearts and a colorful bookmark in their hands, the children departed just a little bit richer than they arrived.


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